I Told You So Testo

Testo I Told You So

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Whenever you go, then i'll be waiting
Whenever the loneliness you're hating
Whenever you say you wish you never left i say
I'll say I told you so
I told you so

I used to think it mattered
How hard it was to cry
Crying's jsut a reflex now to you
Instead of trying to heal the scars and hte potholes in your life
Put steel plates over them and that'll do
And As I waited by the bathroom door
You're writing on the bathroom floor
Waiting for answers that only I can give you

Chorus X2

Dont shut the door
Dont shut me out
Dont make this the last time I see you hands
Cause I want them to hold me
And I want them to show me
That this will be our only place
Without your face, theres just no

Chorus X3

I say I tolf you so
I told you so
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