Real Thing Testo

Testo Real Thing

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Jamie's in love
She's got the summer blowing through her hair
She turns it up
She says tonight you take me anywhere
Bobby's in luck
He got a fire burning in his eyes
He turns it up
And he says girl you better hold on tight

Cause this is the real thing
Love changes everything
This is the night when every heart's exploding
The real thing
Slow down it's happening
'Cause you got time to burn in the heat of the moment
That summer radio
Fireworks off the patio
A 3 AM string of green lights in a row
And the real thing
Love can change anything
If you can just let go (let's go!)
(The real thing, the real thing)

Jamie's alive
She's got him rushing through her veins tonight
So hit the lights
It feels too good to ever say goodbye

Can't pull the brakes on this runaway train
'Cause whoa
This is the heartache that won't go away

Yeah, Jamie's in love
She's got the summer blowing through her hair

Just let go
Jamie just let go
(The real thing, the real thing)
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