Red Cup Hands Up Long Brown Hair Testo

Testo Red Cup Hands Up Long Brown Hair

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey hey


She's full on cello
like a summer night's star
She's the girl some'll date
On the hood of her car
she's a silver screen honey
With a record band's song
Get your heartbeat racing like a ticking time bomb

She likes to rock it with the rag top down
With the radio up
And she's singing out loud
she likes to party in the middle of the day
She's like can you wear it don't care
Get carried away


She's crazy
I don't care
'Cause I'm crazy about the girl with the red cup hands up long brown hair
I can't help it
It's not fair
I'm crazy about the girl with the red cup hands up long brown hair

She likes making a scene everywhere she goes
Watch her paint this town like a Vince Van Gogh
Eenie meenie miney
No you never never no
What's she's gonna do next
With the lights down low

Oh watch her go now


She's everything I'm looking for
She's my everything and so much more
She's a natural kind of beauty
Always getting to me
I can't take it anymore

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