Burn Baby Burn Testo

Testo Burn Baby Burn

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Once upon a time, not to long ago
We knew more, than we're allowed to know
So we questioned everything we heard
And let that burn, burn fucking burn

The lies, the shit, aww yah you guessed it
We fought back with open minds
Never again we'll be blind

Suicide, petrified, do I really wanna die?
Feed the proof, feed the fire, never ever call me a liar
Break apart, fuck it up, we were fighting from the start
Black flag, revolution is the only last solution
To our hopes, to our dreams forced to all extremes
It's so neato, bomb tuxedo, filthy rich, we will eat them
Burn it down to the ground, c'mon yah, feel the sound
Of our anger, of our fate, you chose your fucking fate