Prison Slave Labour Testo

Testo Prison Slave Labour

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
This is my cell, this is my hell, my prison labour they sell
This slavery, this captivity fuels the economy
cut labour costs, prevent profit loss.
we are products to be bought
I am voiceless, have you forgotten us?
and how illegal this is?

I am deemed a threat, society's reject
ripe for prison industrial complex
They privatize, destroy our lives.
Is this slavery or genocide?
These three strikes, these three lies
poverty made us desperate to survive
It wasn't a violent crime, I did my time
Now they force us to work for dimes

I want to break these prison walls
I wait for the day that they fall
I want to break these prison walls
I wait for the empire to fall

To die here, please shed a tear
Millions enslaved and murdered each year
These corporations, this sick nation
(greed is) the reason of my incarceration
Raise your voice, make an economic choice
fright the masters who exploit
I am voiceless, have you forgotten us?
And how illegal this is?
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