Black And Purple Testo

Testo Black And Purple

He has to stand up and be strong
To show everyone he belongs
She has to fight to live her life
She has to hide her pain inside

And everyone is scared of him
But that's the way that he's gotta live
Do you think she feels his pain
There's no justice in this game

And when they fall asleep at night
They know the morning won't be bright
'Cause they are living in a hell
Yeah they're trapped inside themselves

But is it worth everything that they said it would be
Has he become the enemy
Will she ever live in a world of peace
He's gotta wash away the black burdens he feels
She's gotta cover all the purple scars that she can heal

She makes that girl feel so small
She can't hear her silent cries at all
And it is wrong to let down their guard
'Cause in this world you can't have a heart

His days are long he wants to die
'Cause he knows that he's a different guy
When will he take off his mask and leave everything to the past
Leave it in the past - leave it in the past

(There was a time) Oh life was so much easier then I know
(A memory left behind) I can't remember what it's like
(I worked so hard)Trying to make everyone look up to me
But as hard as I try only black and purple bruises
Ache behind my eyes ache behind my eyes

And it wasn't worth what they said it would be
I became the enemy
Am I gonna live in a world of peace
'Cause I washed all the black burdens out of me (out of me)
Yeah I healed all the purple scars everyone could see
I found me
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