It's Alright Testo

Testo It's Alright

I always believed in the world

And I always knew there was something more to it
And man I just hadn't found it yet

And I always looked down at the ground
Yeah knowing that it would take me anywhere
All I had to do was make it there

And I would run so fast to a place where no one cares
Away from things I don't need to hear
And it would be okay from there

And I would run like there was nothing to run for
Like it don't matter anymore
When they say life's too short

'Cause when there's no one there that you can count on anymore
And there's no one there and you can't breathe here anymore
And it's like a bad dream everything's harder than it seems
There's a place where you can fall there and somehow it's alright now

And girl you tell me that it's not fair
You tell me they make you think that they'll be there
Oh they make you think that they even care

And he- he looks into your eyes
And tells you all kinds of fake and phony lies
All the things you wanna feel inside

And you know that it makes you wonder why
Wonder why you take the time
Why you take the time to try

Yeah but it's something inside that hides between the lines
And underneath your questions why
And yeah you'll find the answers in time oh- oh

Oh it's all in you- you find the truth
Do what ya do yeah
Find everything you need don't you give in selfishly
Feel it baby yeah
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