Be What We Can Testo

Testo Be What We Can

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Reaching out you found what you tried to avoid
now it cannot be controlled, it cannot be destroyed
would you accompany me please, i ask you only that
i'm unlike others you once had, the others are gone, the others are bad

what to do with the pressure of always losing you
what good is all the caution if you're too afraid to move
i can help you, i can help you
i can't, i can't walk away

away with you behind me
away without you on my side come on let's hide

it's our turn now but how can we cut loose
don't freak out cause now you're one of two
i know it's cold but it's colder where we used to be
we're getting through but through is such a relative thing


let's go, let's not go back
it's our lives, we'll be what we can
let go, are we falling yet
it's all unsafe, hold on to my hands
we'll be what we can
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