Evolution Of Style Testo

Testo Evolution Of Style

Behold, the evolution of style
An audio time line, from the old to the new
Let's turn back the clock and see how it all began
With nothing more than a kick and a reversed bass

Reintroducing sounds from the past
Bringing back that old school flavour
With an energizing new school twist

Hiked up with new school energy
Sounds from the past

New technology paves the way for new trance
Voice sound stretcher
Evolution becomes right

In order to keep the symbiosis alive
Kicks are distorted and basses are filtered
To create a new drive

The style slowly becomes a notoriourism for the crowd
It is used as propagandistic device for evil consumal products
Such as cocaine


Now is the time to take the first step into a new era

This is the evolution of style
A mixture of the old and the new

This is the evolution of style, style, style...

Evolution is the process of continuous change
To a higher, more complex and better state
This is the evolution of style

This is the evolution of style
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