Get Plowed Testo

Testo Get Plowed

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Dig through the ash tray,
Find a little loose change,
Wash down the truck,
From a weeks worth of farm mud,
Tree on the rear view,
Bouncing with a new tune,
Seat leaned back,
Pullin for a 12 pack,
Grab my cell phone,
Bocephus ring tone,
Cause all my rowdy friends,
Wanna know what’s goin on,

We gonna get a little buzz,
Get a little loud,
Get a little crazy with the honky tonk crowd,
Crank that country music,
It’s time to tear it up,
Like a field full of good times that’s never been touched,
Set ‘em up row by row watch us knock ‘em down,
Tonight we gonna get plowed,

Pull in the parking lot,
Barely got a spot,
People pushin there way,
Like it’s front row George Strait,
Pull out my ID,
Get a shot of whiskey,
Gotta play catch up,
Cause beer won’t hold me quick enough,
Right now everybody’s right where I wanna be,
Jumpin, leanin, dancin, screamin,


Tomorrow we’ll be sweatin beer,
Sittin on the John Deere,
Head hangin low,
Cause we didn’t wanna go home,
Race back to the barn,
Grab my 2nd wind,
Cause “All My Rowdy Friends” is ringin again,


Oh yeah,
We gonna get plowed go ahead and set ‘em up like corn rows Bob Tanner,
Cause we gonna knock ‘em down,
It’s time to break some ground boys
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