Paycheck Friday Testo

Testo Paycheck Friday

Parking lots full at JR's quick stop
Four-wheel drive coolers getting well stocked
5 o clock rush hour kicking off the weekend
Sun goin' down now is all we're needing
Oh baby get ready
Oh your daddy's got some money

It's paycheck Friday out in the country
Ain't nobody left in the city
Howling like a hound dog
Drinking til it's all gone
That's how we do it y'all down to the penny
It's a Monday morning dead broke kinda party
It's a paycheck Friday out in the country

Drop off the rent check just a couple days late
Twenty in my pocket and the rest in my truck tank
Get a little muddy getting back to the back barn
Take it to town on that forty-acre cow farm
Ooh grab your baby and a cold one
Ooh work weeks done

A little banjo a little dosie do a little moonshine kiss in a corn field row
More banjo more dosie do and baby one more kiss in a corn field rows
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