Summer Back Testo

Testo Summer Back

Cheap sunglasses and a ball cap backwards
Standin the summer sun
Toes in the sand and a July tan
Ah baby tell me what's not to love

Oh your momma didn't like me or the way that you loved me
She prayed it was a summerthing
You thought I was wild and I didn't say it at the time
But you were my first time for everything

There's nothin' I'd change about those days
You're the sweetest thing about my past
There's a part of me that hopes you found dream
And you're happy wherever you're at
But there's a part of me that wants that summer back

We burnt both ends of that beach town
Til they shut down the Midway
And we tried hold on but that warm breeze was gone
And fall changed everything

But there's a picture of you and me I keep
It reminds me that we were real
Girl I sure do miss beach
And the way you made me feel
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