Talk A Little While On My Tailgate Testo

Testo Talk A Little While On My Tailgate

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Bocephus never looked so good on a tank top
As he does tied up in a knot right above your mini skirt
Baby those boots look like the kind that could find a way
To walk all over me if they wanted to
Girl I love that wouldn't you like to know smile on your face
So sit on down right here and let's talk a little while on my tailgate

About bird dogs and been done wrongs
And all of your favorite songs
And what turns you on and what don't
About your favorite beer
Whatcha drove here
And what makes you laugh until you cry
And what I gotta do to walk your line
Awe baby lets talk a little while on my tailgate

Me and this old truck would love to take you straight through
Some deep mud around nine next Saturday night
And park out where the stars are out drop this ol' gate back down
Talk a little more about

Girl I'm the kinda guy that wants a little white house
Couple babies and a girl like you to lay down
But right now lets talk about
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