Earthburner Testo

Testo Earthburner

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
The gods made me it's said
Forged from the tears they shed
The last chapter of a prophecy, I am a global catastrophie
Sent from a divine origin to cleanse a world soiled with sin
My arrival is violent and loud
I kill the earth in a mushroom cloud
Quarelling stops by my hand
Mute protest as I scorch the land
My agenda is genocide
All are extinct as I turn the tide
A global shudder as I vent my rage
The planet blasted back into the stone age
Like a nuclear wrath, devastation complete
The world crumbles beneath my feet
People are disease that the earth must purge
I come to kill this human, this human scourge
All humans perish, this is my way
the earth's veneer now stripped away
The time has come for mankind's fate, I smite burn and eradicate