Unknown Soldier Testo

Testo Unknown Soldier

(Verse 1)
Black trees against a dead sky
Slashing torn shoes from my feet
And the air was bitter sweet

We speak with the words of light
When our souls are born to fight
The world that became old
Is young again

I woke my hands were blue and sore
Fear crept along my veins
Still death came and swept through
Then sank back to the night
She stood in a warm lit door
That only my eyes could see
And I went home again

(Verse 2)
Through sleep she whispered low
The tenderness of her voice
Spurred my eyes to open up
To see her face

There was no pain when I awoke
My honor stands unbetrayed
I live this day just to say
We're free again

I'm burning; I'm feeling, I can't stop believing this is all happening
I'm burning; I'm feeling, I won't stop believing you to save me from this thing deep inside
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