Inveigh Testo

Testo Inveigh

If I'm wrong, I don't care
If I'm right, I will be programmed and compared
If I crash, if I fail, I'll be waiting for you deep in hell
Well it's the loneliest place to go; the loneliest place to hide
Look at us now, up in the sky! We went and taught ourselves to fly!

Parasites sell advice and the weak will never trust what they've become,
they're most safely and perfectly them:
Kissing 'cause they never fight...
They fist and they fuck through the night
Look at them now, up in the sky! They went and taught themselves to die!

We won't be paragraphed by silence
We won't be hidden by the phone
We may appear sidetracked by violence, we may appear as barking dogs
Nothing is wrong, we are impossibly strong!

Gather your strength, believe everything you say
Never break down, follow, or blindly obey!
Look at us now, up in your skies! We taught ourselves!
We taught ourselves!
We taught ourselves!
We taught ourselves!
We taught ourselves to fly!
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