They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy) Testo

Testo They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)

What's left of california what's left of los angeles sidewalks cry cause they're not as high shooting old dope rich kid skies are a good disguise lining our veins with hope what did you get for free and where you gonna sell it why should i give a shit cover up your facelift what's left of my broken heart what's left of los angeles we got a new designe excess redefined so you can dream it we rewrote the standards covered up the old scars so you believe it scrape black tar from a guilty lung throw a needle in your arm cough up wrongs of the city stars they didn't mean no harm what were you supposed to be and what did you turn into we don't even need you here but where you gonna run to good drugs bad streets arms tied my world capsized with style i got a new plan get me outta here pretend sincere stumble on words desperation the warmth of a gun last hundred years remember twenty four

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