Where Do You Go Testo

Testo Where Do You Go

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
I guess our song is over
We played our last goodbye
I'm longing for your sweet love baby
To help me through the night
I thought I had it all
I used to feel alive
But I took you for granted
Now you're cold inside
Where do you go
When you're all alone?
Where do you run
When your heart turns to stone?
Now where is my light?
Now all is said and done for me
Please baby stay
Please baby stay
I guess our picture's fading
But I remember it well
The way you used to thrill me, baby
You loved like no one else
It's a crying shame
I didn't treat you right
If I could turn the tide now, baby
You'd be here tonight…
Before you have to go
Let me hold you
Before you go away
Let me hold you
Please, baby stay
Let me hold you
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