Started Small Time Testo

Testo Started Small Time

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
XL, C-Murder

Started small time, started small time
Started small time, (look at me) I'm a baller
Started small time, started small time
Look at me (look at me now), I'm a baller

I wet who you want, with it
You with who I want with it, wet it and won't regret it
Roll the dice keep it craps, 7-11's
And that's a-and that's a, 211
I progress, only saving what's mine
And I believe he lying, he not here he out of town
In the ground, somewhere stanking
Thinking, that's how it is from the city be thinking
You know, thugging all day long
Everything we do, is wrong

[Hook x2]

Now all y'all, heard of me
My name C-Murder, (where you be hanging at) Derbany
I'ma be thugging, till the bone
I'm telling I'm certain, my ski mask and come up in your home
Trick or treat, and Halloween is my day dog
We be tripping we don't play, we pull a K off
We be busting in the sky, and up in bodies too
And one thang fa sho, that I keep this true

[Hook x2]

You don't really like me living, when I do what I do
Because I keep's it true, stay blue boy
I'm from the gutter, like cheap butter
I rip and get wetter, no better
And I be listening to the radio, thinking like it's due
Be stunting in, what it do
Talking bout, they got beef with me
They don't know what beef is, until they try to come and get with me
Watch me hit em wet em up, and leave em stinking
In the ground like death boy, (hey C chill this for thr radio)


Where are my enemies, I can't see em
Where are my enemies, they better duck
Where are my enemies, they better run-run-run
Bust-bust back, bust-bust-bust back
Bust-bust-bust back
That's how we do it, when we do it on my block
Where you at (jump), where you at (jump)
Where you at (jump), come here
(come here) come here (come here) come here
(come here) come here (come here), keep it real
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