It Could Be Anymore Testo

Testo It Could Be Anymore

I don't need to walk away I don't need to look ahead 'Cuz no matter what I do My life won't change because of you 'Cuz everytime you slam the door I know that you'll be back for more Now you really need to realize You don't have to give me a roar Now tell me If you could be anyone Would you be the one I want If you could be anyone at all Who do you wanna be If you could be anyone would you ever let me down If you could be anyone at all Who do you wanna be Now lets say you know it Who you really wanna be Would it change the things you do And lead to something new I'm not the one to choose Now it's all up to you To find a way to realize What you really wanna do Now tell me If you could be? I just wanna know Where you wanna go If you still wanna be there You've got to let me know I don't wanna be the one to tell you girl Who you got to be, got to find your own way You have to make a choice To be the one I dream of

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