My Lungs Are Greener On The Other Side Testo

Testo My Lungs Are Greener On The Other Side

Gli album più attesi alla fine dell'estate: da Ligabue a Vasco
(feat. Craig Owens)

We refuse to life our heads
And it's only the light before your eyes
Don't you confide in there ways
You cant stop them alone
There lies all over the place
Brainwash the human race
The truth relies on borrowed time
Put the future on your minds
Tell me what did you see inside of your selves.
I cant make this anymore obvious
Counter your parts and spare them away
What have you become inside your eyes
Tell lies
I know all the things I've done wrong
These days so inefficient
These nights so fucking wasteless
You lack inspiration
Come on pay attention dig your grave any deeper
You'll be asleep forever
We refuse to life our heads and it's only the light before
Your eyes.
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