2 Die 4 Testo

Testo 2 Die 4

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I hate that scary face
in the mirror
Mutilated by your
daily terror
It keeps an eye
all the time on me
It's against the one
I want to be

Have I ever done something
to deserve this pain inside?
How could I leave
this damn feeling behind?
I can't live in uncertainty
My place I need to find
Will I ever get some rest
and peace in my life?

What do I live for?
I always want more
What would I die for?
Someday you will know

Now prepare yourself
to a journey in me
Take a deep breathe
and sink into this sea
What causes this silence
Oh damn it is so real
I have many things to share
But life's too short to feel

Float with my broading thoughts
But never lose yourself
It can be your last mistake
Keep in mind the way back
Don't avert your eyes
Your self-conscience, it's me
You can't quell me
I always will be here
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