Mind in Cage Testo

Testo Mind in Cage

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
The vulgar eyes of a mindless Crime
Are looking at you till the end of time
Your mind is filled with hate
You are your own slave, can't escape
When you're all alone you feel the same old pain
in your brain falls a deadly rain
You have no choice, you've to play game with
The mothafuckin' death is the only exit

To kill somebody
it's not worth the money
To kill somebody
it's not worth the trouble

Lobotomy they are not on your side
Chemical will change your mind
When they get you it means your death
Your freedom is a weapon, don't forget
It was just a minute, the pain lasts forever
The last smile of the death, you won't forget it never
deep in your souls resounds the silent scream
You'll see the dirty blood in your every dream
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