(Respect) My Way Testo

Testo (Respect) My Way

Why do you look at me if you hate me?
When I see your disgust I go crazy
'cause you can't see, what's in my brain
and I don't have any disease in my vein

You condemn me without knowing me
Because of formalities I'm your enemy
I just don't want to understand
Why am I worst when I'm different

I live my life how I want it - My way
I don't give a fuck if you don't like it - My way
Just hate me I don't give a damn shit - My way
You can't see what's in me so I don't care what you say

Don't want to tell me, who I have to be
Just look at your own life and let me be
who I am, there's a lot of bigger problem
Leave me alone and concentrate on them

You waste your time with things of no importance
And forget easy what's the real substance
Don't fuck with me and don't see my aim
You play yours and I play my game

My way
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