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Testo Milemarker 92

Max Pezzali: nuovo album e tour in arrivo
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sitting back waiting for a tow on 65 the summer heat is killing me. be back on the road eventually. in chattanooga, tennessee we drank until about nine our top speed 45 was slow the van's next victim was sloan's right toe. tell me again that everything will be all right. even though we're hundreds of miles from home another 12 hour drive another sleepless night. i tried to call no one was home...but i know we'll think of something. broken down a second time never expected this. some of us are losing it still nothing can ruin this trip. just be there...waiting there for me. be home eventually. i never thought things would end up like this just leave the light on for me

Scarica la suoneria di Milemarker 92!
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