Black River Falls Testo

Testo Black River Falls

[Music: Garcia, Lyrics: Peck]

Deep in the cold midwestern snow way back in 1899
A wicked evil seemed to grow
It's taking over people's mind
Come here my child let me inside
No get away my head!
I have a mission for you and your friends
Help make the towns people dead
Madness is taking them over tonight
Madness will soon take its hold
Madness is taking them over tonight
Evil it lives in the cold
Little children it's in their minds
Little children lurk in the night
Little children why won't they die?
Little children lightning the fire!
Back in black river falls
Back in black river falls
Miss Watson gave birth to a child
Before it took its final breath
Her guilty conscience drove her wild
And so she choked her son to death
Infant disease flew on the breeze
Madness enveloped the town
Men went insane deeds so profane
Buildings were burnt to the ground


Little children it's in their yes
Little children gather tonight
Little children wicked children
Deadly children post


Father can you hear me?
I've been taken by something I can't explain
The voices in the darkness
Have told us to punish you all!
Father you should fear me
My mind it is possessed by an evil entity
This shameful place is forsaken
Poisoned by the sickness in all of you
We are coming tonight
Rising from their beds eyes were glowing red
One by one the cut the people down
Chaos filled the streets
Blood was running deep
Nothing was left living in the town

[Lead Garcia]

The morning sun shined on the scene
Such horror that cannot be said
The children wiped the village
Clean all of their parents lie there dead!


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