Bohemian Grove Testo

Testo Bohemian Grove

Into the darkness, close to the truth, the sun was beginning to set
Clutching the hammer, I entered the grove armed with malicious intent
The great secret of the global elite was hidden deep in the trees
I made my way towards the towering cliffs close to their pagan disease

They have no souls
They worship death
Tied to the altar they'll take your last breath

The dark side coming out tonight
The dark side come with me tonight
By the light of the bohemian grove

The center of evil
They could take us all
I have to succeed, lord give me the power
I need to make all them bleed, I see it's all up to me

Covered and claoked, faceless and masked, the ceremony began
There by the lake, under the owl, bohemians started to chant
Ancient their tongue, one thousand or more, the dignitaries disguised
They tied down a woman, removing her robe, she was to be sacrificed

He took his blade
He held it high
The crowd screamed in ecstasy watching her die

The dark side coming out tonight
The dark side - Human sacrifice
There by the fire I witness bohemian grove
The dark side coming out tonight
The dark side - It's now time to strike
Gripping the hammer I quickly discarded my robe

I broke through the people and held the hammer up high
The look in his eyes as I struck him with all of my might
His blood soaked stained the night
I took flight as their leader had died

I had to escape, run from the grove and tell the tale that I saw
Vanishing quickly I slipped through the trees, the darkness would cover it all
Hundreds gave chase, the fear that I felt through the forest I ran
They're closing on me, I fight to break free and reveal his reptilian hand

Welcome my friend, you've come to the grove
We hope you've enjoyed your stay
You're never to leave or tell of this tale
Bohemians won't be betrayed
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