Your Tears Are Comin' Testo

Testo Your Tears Are Comin'

I hear you're smiling
Been looking good
Nothing but blue skies
In your neighborhood
They say you're tickled pink
Ever since you left me
And you've been talking about me
Like you never met me but

Your tears are comin'
Like a hot Georgia rain
Like a east Texas flood
Like a Florida hurricane
You can't just hurt someone and
Not feel a thing
Your sunny days are numbered
Your tears are comin'

I know your girlfriend told you
That I've been crying
And I still ain't gotten over your two timing
Next time you're talking to her
About who's a fool
Tell her to tell you how she got me over you
Now baby

(Repeat Chorus)

You got my money
The best years of my life
I know you're somewhere laughing loving someone else at night
But that world ain't flat baby
In case you're wondering
What goes around comes around
Your tears are comin'

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Your tears are comin' yeah
Your tears are comin' yeah
Here they come
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