Colourful Life Testo

Testo Colourful Life

I'd love to go to a brand new place but recognise the sky,
a brand new motion yet same old people and that's the reason why,
Colours and honey are in your eyes as your life flies high,
but before you know it, you fall in a pit,
your life flashes before your lies,

And the lights just march on by,
and the crowd, they walk and sigh,
yet time is slow,

Feel the world on my hands,
trust incentives of a band,
because the weight is thick yet thin,
drop it now and destroy what's in,

So pick up the pace and enjoy the race,
because nothingness is nice,
Feel the dance, and feel the mood,
while you're munching on that slice,
Don't have to spit out your thumb or your wrigleys gum because
'they're both a waste of time'
But don't crush the bird just for fun,
because that's not fun for everyone
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