Where The Waves Testo

Testo Where The Waves

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
I wake up to the sunrise
I cant help but feel alright
I stroll out and I feel the warm air
A gust blows and I feel it in my hair


And when I listen, I can hear the waves crashing down
And when you look around, there are no clouds to be found
When were on the rocks, feeling like kings of the world
I just remember all those times

The sand is so warming to my feet
I cant help but dig them in so deep
Wed play in the water out in the sun
Wed jump in and God its so much fun


The night comes you can still hear the waves
I lay down and I listen and I crave
Sitting on the boardwalk
Skating around with no directional thoughts


I wake up to the sunrise
I cant help but feel alright
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