Requiem Testo

Testo Requiem

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
If you look closely at my tears
You'll see they're spelling out your name
And my blood will paint your portrait
Held inside a broken frame

A weeping, just a melody
Sings the tune of my defeat
The look that's on my face right now
It's just a white flag of retreat

So this tainted love song
Proceeds without delay
And when it's finally over
My thoughts will soon decay
When the song is over
I'll follow close behind
My screams will soon be silenced
My vision will go blind

So as you hear this final note
I hope it stops your precious heart
And takes your mind, rapes your soul
Just like you tore my life apart

Soon the rhythm of my life
Will decreshendo peacefully
My existance, after time
Will be a painful memory
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