Ballad Of Cable Hogue Testo

Testo Ballad Of Cable Hogue

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(feat. Marianne Dissard)

I live out yonder where the snakes and scorpions run
got myself a little goldmine to bank on
but one day my heart sank when i saw madame in town
i knew her love would be the death of mine

l'amour passait, l'amour obsolète
pourquoi perdre sa vie à chercher l'or d'un coeur?
je ne me noierai pas dans ce désert mystique
je ferme mes comptes et je repars
love is passé and love is obsolete
some spend their whole lives searching for a heart of gold
i'm tired of treading water in this desert mystique
i'm cashing in my chips before i ride

do me a favor while i'm hanging here
take this gold and go and hide
(don't twist too hard darlin' on your hangin' rope)
don't worry i'll be free in no time

she promised me she would be there when i'd return
she didn't say she'd have a whole army there as well
she whispered, "j'taime baby" as she fired that gun at me
(it's getting late and i'm running out of time)
i should've stayed way out yonder
better off with the scorpions and snakes
every act which has no heart will be found out in the end
guess i'm a little late this time
cause her love would be the death of mine
mine, all mine
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