The Good Life Testo

Testo The Good Life

Give me my money![Planet Asia talking]We gettin' paper on this one..."Aoooowww"Underground niggaz gettin' money"The good life"...and ya dont stop"Aoooowww"[Planet Asia]Ay yo we first classVergin' splurgin' mergin' with professionalsSoul food fanatics all be strung out on my vegetablesMic merchants meditate on it til it's visualTo what I believe in even if the situation's criticalWe chop slang like equipmentSo here's another shipment, a dosage of atomic liquidsWe live the good life similar to the way we always come thruFresh fitted like we did it and we wake up when we want toAlways hungry for the work we getFilter the scheme out for the creamLike ain't a such thang like strikin' it richConnectin' big checksBack in the days we used to do the discoNow we highly recognized thru representin' L.A. to FriscoIt's Cali Agents, we came to bost ya highSome days for nothin' you can catch me rockin' suits and tiesFresh off the global tour I'm on retourRippin' tracks until it's triple platThan it's back to the hood to make sure I'm supprorted[2x Chorus Rasco & (Planet Asia)]"The good life", We keep livin' it y'all, we keep livin (what)"Aoooowww" We keep livin' it y'allWe stay tight, you goddamn rightYou know how we do, we keep livin'[Rasco]I want the exact same shit they gotBut I'ma get mines a whole 'nother wayA million dollar pay dayDoor to door, got ya back hittin' the floorThe service got this whole spot nervousI know you heard this, it ain't a thangI'm rollin' in the '99 Sting that's red and cost a whole lotta breadWhite gold to flash, hand to the crotchGet down town and cop a cold ass watch *brrr*No ice banks I don't flash my cashI go to the bank and put it on with the stashWe mash dipped in fresh gear all yearAnd I think back to when it wasn't all hereFive thousand chips a songDon't come at Rasco long and switch manI'm tryin' to get richTwo c notes from quotes just won't flow (nigga)I can't be broke, you had too much to smoke (nigga)I sit back and take head to the chair there nearGo home break out the pad and the beerFrom beginning to end, in the game to winWatch niggaz get funny when they money is thinKeep mines thick, you can eat a fat dick fo' sho'You better show up with all my doughStill servin' the pipe, earn yo stripesAnd maybe you cats can start livin'[2x Chorus][Planet Asia]This ain't yo ordinary cuz we felt thisZonin' for the come up when the guns are pointed at you offa hennessey and roachesNigga said that I was selfishCuz I went from what was destined to take placeMy scratch match and runnin' out with big facesLater haters dictate, CA the soundNo time to clown around, thousand the first to spit it on your mixtapePassion dank, cash on the blankWild whip cross to blow shit, laughin' on the way to the bankI seen it comin' as a youngin thoughMentally possessed for the limelightCali Agents bout to up the ???? in mo'Don't try to act like you ain't heard about usWe on some HipHop shit, undergroundBut whether not this thick ya knowMy lyrical formats is phatter than the averageI battle like a savage, maniac microphone technicianWe stay tight, you goddamn rightYou know how we do, we keep livin'[2x Chorus][Rasco]Yo,I spit it from the lips for chipsI break legs and hips to get it all thru the contract starveEven the cats that advise wanna capitalizeI'ma show you how the black man riseSee we do things that other cats can't doThe simplest shit like how to spit the 1 2Now you watch Ras' and Planet As' get baitAnd this here song is like the best shit madeGray day pop off the choice, my loud voiceWe spit so much we need a whole crowd moistNow watch how we catch the whole damn batchAnd we stay underground to earn that scratchDon't be mad cuz your career went badYou niggaz should give it up and wave that flagI know that I brag but yo somebody shouldWhen I make cash I spend it all in the hoodI wish a nigga would try to hold my checkI'd hit him with blows and lay his back on the deckStill servin' the pipe, earn yo stripesAnd maybe you cats can start livin'[Chorus 2x][Planet Asia talking]Y'knowI'msayin'...the good lifeUnderground cats makin' good doughRasco...Planet Asia...Cali AgentsWest Coast's finest...welcome toNeed to get this paper y'knowI'msayin'Capitalizin' and all that

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