Crossroad Testo

Testo Crossroad

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[chorus:] the breath of a hurricane - [all shall fall]? the breath of a hurricane - [all shall fall]? the breath of a hurricane it's the conspiracy on the emerald hills - the death rattle of a shadow company the silencer, the sleeper and a charnel house - for every luxury they've forgotten more names than i would like to recall erect your wonder wall i will remain appalled the 'mouths to feed' are dry with novocaine the pure gasp eats the rain - it won't stand the breath of a hurricane [chorus] (not luxuries for some... but necessities for all) this is how i got a taste, i got a place in this unremitting call not luxuries for some of us but necessities for all they level out, the playing field - it's raw diplomacy the sonic ride, the thunderbolt - tempest of equity and line up all, with attrition now - and stroll capitol lane the dual thrust of ambition won't... - won't stand the breath... of a hurricane [chorus] i've tasted - i've tasted - i've wasted - how i've embraced it audacious brilliance - running that welfare mile leaving that noble drop - and a stalwart missile it's all about vision - who shoots the biggest gun who beats the loudest drum - who runs the longest run silent variety - debilitated brain compelling liberty - the breath of a hurricane [chorus]

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