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Testo Dialogue

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
i pushed you forward - the artificial place
cause i need people with a nameless face
i pushed you backward - the natural disgrace
now we're seekers with a blinded gaze

she points - i stare - but i can hardly see it through
she points - i stare - she needs me unaware
i point - you stare - but you may never see me through
i point - you stare - i love you unaware

hey rebel how long would you think it takes a running man
to kill off every king and every fucking president
to light up all the golden steppingstones that come along
in your icon-wonderland
hey rebel how long would you think it takes a common rise
to get a million people up and out and organized
to overthrow the ever common party line
while we're paralyzed


hey rebel how long would you think it takes a common friend
to make this world of silence really, really deafening
i'm bewildered by the menace of your energy
reaching for my medicine
you really take away the power of the healing
reaching for my medicine

running and running from all the serial enterprise
nothing is like shedding rulers - decay and - demise
gushing and gushing from all the wounds of our camouflage
trip over the government - the monarch - the entourage
[i stare - the monarch and the entourage]?

i stare at all the hungry hands - awaiting me to take the stand
i stare at every flooding cage - awaiting me to take the stage
awaiting me to take the stage - and so i will


i stare - the monarch and the entourage
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