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Testo Movie Star

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I wanna be popular, I wanna be a movie star,
I wanna be noticed, I wanna go far.
I wanna make money, I wanna live in glamour,
I wann have a big house, I wanna drive a sports car.
But you know that I don't got it, probably never have it
God was playin' a joke when he made me
I don't have any money, I don't even have a job
I'm not a movie star, and I'll probably never be.
I wish I was a hunk, I wish I was muscular
Why can't I be good looking, why can't I be taller?
I wish my teeth were white, and wish my butt was tight
I wish I had a big chest, you know I wish I was the best.
And you know that I don't got it, probably never have it
God's got a sense of humor, just look at me.
I'm not a hunk, I don't work out,
I'm not a model, and I'll never be
I think someone up above has put a curse on me.
I wish I had a friend, I wish I had a buddy
Someone to care for me, someone to love me
Well, just last week that wish came true
I used to be a geek, now I'm someone new.
I was down on my luck when He stole my heart
He showed me I was somebody. He gave me a brand new start.
I wish I was popular, I wish I was a movie star,
I wish I was a superhunk, I wish I was muscular
But I know that I don't got it, probably never have it
A movie star and a hunk I'll never be
But that's okay, because I found something
I got more, I got someone to live for, and I know that He loves me
His name is Jesus, He helped create me
I child of God is what I be
He wasn't playing a joke
We're all made in His image
He's got a plan just for me
He's got a place just for me
He's got a place, wait and see
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