Atrevete, Te, Te(Englisch) Testo

Testo Atrevete, Te, Te(Englisch)

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Dare to, to to Come out of the closet Escape, take off the nail polish Stop covering yourself, no one is gonna take your picture Get up, Get Hyper Turn on, spark the starter Get on fire like a lighter Shake off your sweat, as if you were a Wiper That you are street, Street Fighter Change your serious face That intellectual face, encyclopedia face That Im gonna inject you with the bacteria thats gonna make you go round like a park ride Miss Intellectual, I know that your abdominal area is about to explode like a town festival about to explode like a Palestinian I know you like latin pop rock But reggaeton gets into your intestines Under your skirt like a submarine.. And brings out your "Taino" (Note: Puerto Rican Indian) Indian You know, in a loincloth, mama In the name of "Agueybana" There is no more, Im gonna lie I want to consume you Parsley And you came amazonic like Brazil You came to kill like Kill Bill You came to drink beer from a Keg You know that with me you have refills Chorus Hello, stop pretending Raise your mini skirt Up to you back Raise it, stop pretending, higher That now we are gonna dance Hey girl, want a sip? It doesnt matter if you're a rapper or hippie If you are from Bayamon or Guaynabo City (Note: Puerto Rico Towns) Dont get picky with me This is all the way, get the trick This is easy, a piece of cake Who cares if you like Green Day? Who cares if you like Coldplay? This is direct, non stop, one way I swear Here all the ricans know Karate They cook with tomato sauce They wet their rice with a bit of avocado To grow 14 karat asses

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