Get My Mind Right Testo

Testo Get My Mind Right

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
I just got off of work
The sun is shining bright
Got my paycheck in my left hand
And my crotch in the right
Got a half tank of gas
And a girl that likes to laugh
And she'd rather read a book
Then sit around and get trashed
Next stop, coffee and thai food
I'm happy now, only the sky is blue
The girls say, "we love you Time"
And I say I wanna love you too
I hit up the record store
Say what's up to kool
He tells me how satyr's
Been acting like a fool
I tell him I got to go
Meet my girl at the steak house
After that we're gonna go
See a movie and make-out
Hop out the theater
Get her home before 10
I'm a go home and sleep
So I can do it all again

I'm feeling so swell
I'm feeling so good, everything's going exactly how it should

It's a quarter till nine
I rise and shine
Sitting in my tighty, whitties
Trying to write a rhyme
Damn, I'm feeling swell
Maybe it's the music
Maybe it's the weather
Or maybe it was that pill?
Oh well, time to go get some breakfast
Then I got to cross getting books
And records off my check list
There's so many beautiful people out today
So I'm walking like hunter S.
On my way to Circle K
My eyes are dialated and I'm walking with a lean
I go home and take a shower cause I just wanna sing
I'm happy cause my frowns got drowned in my smiles
And my love called me up said she'd be over in a while
We go for a nice little walk around denver
It's the middle of july but we're cooler than december
Sitting on a park bench soaking in the sunset
I pop another pill without one regret
We share a couple root beers and laugh between sips
I walk her to her home and give a kiss her to lips
I skip into my house about a quarter past 10
I'm a go to sleep so I can do it all again

I'm feeling so swell
I'm feeling so good, everything's going exactly how it should
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