Can't Take It Back Testo

Testo Can't Take It Back

Remember the time we had I feel it's wasted
Now I know nothing can replace
See ya love I'm bout to chase it
Cause I miss ya girl I know you can give a fuck
Less it sucks being like this living this life
Loveless the world is so cold
And still I carry on
Hoping we can get back together please god don't move on
I grew up in this world so alone so it ain't no thing
I'm trying to keep loving you an everyday thing
I hope you feel the tears when I sing
Cause it let me know I'm on ya brain
And when the day comes you forget
I ever even existed I guess thin I realize I ain't shit
Huh my brain ain't twisted it's just the pain
I can take it all them years wasted

[Chorus: x2]
Can't take it back can't get it back
You love how it was living this life
Used and so alone it's the curse of the thug
Praying to god he will send me some one from above
Some one to love

Like a dream I feel forgotten
Just like that I wanted to be in your arms
But instead I wrote this rap
To get is back would be something
But where nothing just wish I could see
The look in your eyes the first time you hear this song
Bumpin now do you realize I ain't fronting
Ou got it backwards turned something into nothing
Feeling like my career so-lo you just ain't the serious
I know I could find better but that's not the point
My feelings are forever I'm just not that cold
To make it better I pretend you put my love on hold
Like me it's starting to get old it's like you'll never mature
I was sure it was real I wish I had some potion
To show you how I feel but would you ever cry and think
About calling me on the phone and try to make up
Do you ever think of the first time we made love
And to think I was in love


Love yea it's such a strong word so how was I servin 'em
Soft and original recipe is on the menu
Now back in the kitchen Calvin Crabtree
Still on a mission do you keep forgetting
All them things you said and all them things you did
I remember every Little bit wish I could forget
Maybe in due time have I lost my mind naw
But possibly the love of my life
I'm alright been through it before but not this deep
Still think about you even in my sleep
It's something haunting but I'll be the ghost
Looking for love they way things are going
Cause every one is turning out fake is this my fate?

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