Mars Is No Fun Testo

Testo Mars Is No Fun

You can't go to the beach
not enough water
you can't open the window
there's no air outside the bungalow
they didn't mention it
on the brochure
got trapped here when I moved
five years ago

Mars is no fun

they said " Everything is pure out there
you'll be the first human
beings to show the world
there' s life outside of Earth "
but the Greens don't like us
they want us to leave the place
will you get my postcard
before Christmas?

Mars is no fun

I want to go back on Earth
and live with you
in our social housing
and wander all afternoon
in the shopping mall
of Milton Keynes

Mars is no fun

you can't really move here
the law of gravity
is much much stronger
it's like a tragedy
you're grounded on the ground
if you kiss it's forever
and if you do it on a you get the picture?

Mars is no fun
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