Lip-Biter Testo

Testo Lip-Biter

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
I'm under attack but I'm not running from it
I'm under attack cause it's just what I wanted
I'm under attack and I don't understand
I'm under attack is this what she had planned?

I've got a feeling it's a trap
It's what she planned

I'm caught by the teeth from the ride home
It's what she planned

I'm wrapped around, I'm wrapped around your finger

I have the keys to all the lock that you put on
I'm free to leave, I'm free to go
Take it away

Lets get the harness and lets get the hardest vibrations
My hands are tied
We'll see where the heart is well see just how far
this relationship will go from here with you.

I know you feel the same way
No you can't replace me

I'm over you
All over you

You only speak seductive poetry

You hold the world right at my throat
But I may never know
I'd throw it all away, I'd throw it all away for you

Take it all away

You smile entwined with my lips combined
I'll never forget this taste in my mouth
When you carry on it will all just be gone
But the scars remind me of you
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