Professional Testo

Testo Professional

Shes a Pro (what) fessional
Look at her
Shes a Pro (what) fessional
Aint dat a bitch dats badder

Ooh wee ooh she, girl look at how u move, up and down round and round, I like da thangs u do, oochy wally hot tamale, girl u got a sexy body, oh u like cris and bacardi, pour a lil bit on ya body, see shawty came from da blue plane, she do thangs and chew thangs to get her change, she full swang bend over show u da whole thang, its so wrank she use baby wipe so it dont stank, she got mo tricks dan dat silly rabbit, gotta feed dem kids, dat pussy fatter dan Albert, she need sum jenny craig, aw yeah, lets not talk about how she suck dick, she rottweiler wit no teeth lolli pop a lick, she like to yuck it and suck it until she make it spit, a clean gurl u know, she swallow all of it, cuz shes a P-R-O fe-ssion-al
wo, wo, wo, look at her go
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