Double Up (feat. Un) Testo

Testo Double Up (feat. Un)

[Verse 1:] Yo yall niggaz wit the muscle yall get clapped in the tussle I'mma hustler, not a rapper bitch, rap is my hustle Show a nigga know yo, we the 1st teen millionaires in Harlem since rich and poor, you don't know, get to know Ain't takin shit to left, Jimmy Jones rock and jock Right back to the block and cock, it ain't hop and scotch It's pop and scotch, in a bar they go shot for shot, Matter of fact, outside the bar they go shot for shot Me and my codie on a O-Z, we go rock for rock, Me and my codie on a role we go rock for rock, You souped up, think I'm easy to touch, Then you been watchin' a little bit of TV, too much, Lots of rhymes, so you see my ass lots of times On the corner still, like I ain't got a dime Autographs not the kind to be signin' the crap, Here's a CD, slash here's a dime of that crack [Chorus:] Nigga double up, keep all guns double clutch, Shoot at yo feet, make you jump like double dutch, New York baby, for you matchbox nigga'z Take away the french fry, snack box niggaz [Verse 2:] I know lookin at my jewerly is scarrin yo brain Not to mention Jada Pinkett over parkin' the range (Yo that's Will Smith girl) naw she's part of my chain Pardon my game, car gettin washed in the rain Runnin yo trap, that'll get you one in yo back The hood that I had, had to take the good with the bad Like Joe on the run, put his fuckin P O it's done Low on his funds, had to get the coke or the guns Word to the wise, killa Cam, I heard of them guys Diplomat, crisp black, yo convertible fives Rims on the wheel, to drive down shows in the South Rap ain't that great neither, I got coke to give out Stroke to give out, motherfuckin smoke to give out hoes to give out, naw we ain't over this route Back on the street, Jimmy get the crack on the street Tour over motherfucka let's get back on our feet [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3: Un (whispering)] Ay yo it's un bitch shhhhh it's un bitch CEO joint bitches, punk bitches I'mma let you know so you get it right I don't rap nigga but I'mma spit it right Make a nigga, go to church and pray Nigga'z first day, and his first deal leased his first beamer now yall tussle 2 against 4, now on yall youngsta'z gone respond, walk out the rusty car, what y'all stand on, fuck the tabloids Y'all little men, I be Un man ??? Charli Baltimore and Lil' Kim And yall can't see these flows, If you wanna be stars see the CEO [chorus]

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