Down And Out (feat. Kanye West, Syleena Johnson) Testo

Testo Down And Out (feat. Kanye West, Syleena Johnson)

[Cam'Ron (Kanye West)] Uh Killa Baby Kanye this that 1970s heroin flow huh Yeah let's speed it up (Ya'll hear people talking bout who high who not) Uh I'm back in (Man they don't know we fixing to kill the game this year) (Killa, Ye, come on) [Cam'Ron] Uh uh aiyyo street mergers I legislated The nerve I never hated On murders pre-meditated Absurd I hesitated Observe cock and spray Hit you from a block away Drinking Sake on a Suzuki, we in Osaka Bay Playing soccer stupid stay in a sucker's place Pluck ya ace take ya girl fuck her face She dealing with Killa so you love her taste She swallowing Killa cause she love the taste I got brought up with crooking Kitchen orders that I'm cooking But got caught up with the chicks who really thought I wasn't from Brooklyn It gets boring just looking I feel like Bill Cosby pouring in the pudding Now the dashboard is wooden from a hard tangled grammar Interior inferior star-spangled banner Car game bananas Ma man and Tana Guns everywhere like the car came with hammers He's back [Hook - Kanye West (Syleena Johnson)] They trying to say he (down, down) I hear niggaz saying he (down and out) But our flow's the truest (oh) The game's in a nuisance (no no) Our girls is the models (oh) They coochies the juiciest (ooooh) Yeah they say he (down, down) Yeah they say he (down and out) Cause I'm back on my grind (oh) Money back on my mind (no no) Ye and Killa Cam (oh) The world is mine (ooooh) [Cam'Ron] I keep bitches straight up like +Simon Says+ Open vagina put ya legs behind ya head Cop me And 1s hon lime and red You got pets me too mines are dead Doggy on fire minks gators that's necessary Accessories my closet's pet cemetery I get approached by animal activists I live in a zoo I run scandals with savages All my niggaz get together to gather loot Bodyguard for what dog I'd rather shoot I go to war old timbs batted boots Hand grenade goggles and a parachute Ya'll don't even know the name of my fleet It was +Touch Me, Tease Me+ when +Case+ was the shit You don't know bout the cases I get Court case, briefcase, suitcase, cases of Cris Ow [Hook] [Cam'Ron] Yo aiyyo you dealing with some sure shit My bitches pure thick Play razor tag slice ya face bury It's I who come by drive thru Gator told Maury three quarters sky blue Look at mami eyes blue five two I approached her "hi boo, how you?" Tony skin Louis oh you fly too You a stewardess good ma I fly too Now a nigga got baking to bey Harlem shake naw I'm in Harlem shaking away Shaking to bake, shaking to Jake's Kill you shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at your wake Kiss ya picture though you still taped in a lake I'm laughing you couldn't wait to escape For anyone who owed you dough I had to load the fo I hoped a nigga heard when I said I told you so Uh Killa [Hook] [Cam'Ron talking] Mine Killa you already know Harlem Whole Midwest, Detroit, Nap town, St. Louis Chicago of course Westside holla at me Southside wild hundreds You know what it is Ohio Columbus holla at ya boy You know what else I do Dayton, Youngstown, Cleveland, Cincinnati

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