I Just Wanna (feat. Juelz Santana) Testo

Testo I Just Wanna (feat. Juelz Santana)

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
[Chorus - (singing in the back)] [Cam'Ron] Killa, What we want uh I want ya'll to get the fuck off my dick for a minute ya know, Dip set, freaky, jones, santana, uh Harlem [Verse 1: Cam'Ron] Yo, Yo, Ayo I just wanna come through ice in the crown I just want the coke price to go down I just wanna get a couple months, dog Not like for these pounds I just wanna have this orgy and these dikes to be down Want dro when I'm chiefin Want doe for some reason Want hoes to stop coming over knowing they bleeding I want head from east nava I wanna get the benz at least dropper Painted peach-cobbler Want a girl who don't need prada She could be a damn reeboker Long as she freak proper I'm only asking for Halle, Janet, Toni Braxton Come over show ya homie action I want em now I want em wild I wanna bone they back in I wanna whip I wanna drop I wanna chrome reaction You should know I'd give a kidney to ya'll I want my women to shine I want my niggaz to ball I want it all [Chorus] [Juelz] Come on, Juelz, Dip Set killa killa, ya'll know what the fuck I want [Verse 2: Juelz Santana] Yo, Yo Yo, I just wanna get money I just wanna get hoes I just wanna smoke weed and o's I just wanna get a million get low I just wanna do a album , shit 4 I just wanna live rich not po I just wanna be happy not stress I just want my girl to know right now I'm not happy I'm stress I just want the struggle to stop But on this beat I don't wanna talk I just want the muzzle to pop I don't want a job I just wanna hustle the Roc I just love the way that coke fluff in the pot I just want the coupe to be pretty I just wanna cruise through the city Baby, I just want ya ass to be fat I just wanna play tag from the back I just wanna go half on the sack I just want my dick to fit in ya mouth I just wanna sit in the house I just wanna make music for my niggaz to bounce, come on [Chorus] [Cam and Juelz Talking] [Verse 3] [Cam'Ron] I just want you to know you'll get slapped in ya face I just wanna know what happened to mase I just want him to know, Rock dem jewels flash that chrome Its all good you can come back home If you want [Juelz] Ayo, I just want this paper to be straight I just want this cake to hurry up and bake So I can send it upstate I just want my money back in a week I just wanna get the fuck out this studio and back in the streets [Cam] I just wanna fuckin stop being aggie as hell I just want head from Pattie Labelle I just want when I'm stress when I'm vex Want L to pass me the L You don't want L to pass me the shells It will get ugly [Juelz] I just want my moms to let me smoke weed in my home I just want my nigga T to come home I just want the v to be chorme I just want these hoes to leave me alone Come on, I want it all nigga [Chorus till fade]

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