Love My Life (feat. Nicole Wray) Testo

Testo Love My Life (feat. Nicole Wray)

[Intro] Ayo, I never claimed to be hard, tough, no homo, gangsta none of the above Just a kid from 145th and Lennox Ave Harlem, USA trying to make his way in the world ya heard? Ya know through the trial of tribulations that life brings I lost some friends, incarcerated, some are gone forever Ya know you cant expect everything from everybody So get up get out and get somethin, thats what I did [Verse 1 - Cam'Ron] Before I had the hammer cocked A Santana rock Little Gerv, Grandpa Jerry, Grandma Doc (thats my fam) Uncle Carl, Uncle Ted, Uncle Steve, Uncle Bill, Cousin Steve, Cousin Bill up on the hill now My Aunt Normy, I dont speak to my Aunt Deita Or my Cousin Bashiba, love my Mother Fredricka Neighbour Freida, daughter Raven and Nika Down another doorbell was that nigga Warden Nell He gave birth to the best emcee you never heard Lever after lever and was clever with whatever word Derek Armstead, Bloodshed from C.O.C He did damage, road managed my G.O.D Aka Duke Da God, he was stupid hard 16, the bitch dream had stupid cars Cut the ' 68, hooptie ' 75 Still drives some bullshit, I dont know why I loved the nigga though, for him put cris in the air First one that diss him in here, I swear I'll risk my career Thats a fact they aint talking no rap shit I'm talking that mack clip, niggas will backflip, act sick My dude study the sabbath No beef, veggie nigga, maybe some catfish He could have my house, he could keep my mauries He could drive my cars, this a eastside story (Thats why my dudes love me I let them do them. You either gonna be rich or famous fuckin wit me, probably both. If you happen to brush shoulders wit me by accident, play lotto, nine out of ten times you gonna win nigga.) [Chorus - Nicole Wray (x2)] To play the game, sure to win ?? I sacrificed, I rolled the dice I love the hood, I love my life [Verse 2 - Cam'Ron] See a boss I prepared to be When I walk away from a confrontation I aint scared of you I'm scared of me I got a gun, you dont so it flares you'll see After that a 5,000 volt chair for me So I move carefully, niggas dont care for me Who care I dont, you share I wont Calm down (uhuh) breathe again I dont do extortion unless I wanna recieve an end Talk to my money, first time I heard her speak (what she say) Thats word to me, told me I deserve to eat (what happened) Moved to a killa ave, right from a murder street (what you did) Rocked adida forms even though they hurt my feet (thats fucked up) I dont look in the sky, never mind stars You also find stars, right behind bars Snazz, Black, Do' on house arrest Zeke, shiek, wont even throw out the rest They wanted my ass right alongside zeke Turn myself in, nope play hide and go seek I'm gone, put the clip in the chrome Yeah i'm just like a fly, see the shit that i'm on And, hour after hour I would chill at the afterhours Where they flash the power, no bath or shower In that same spot, realize math is power So I pointed the mansion, that is ours [Chorus - Nicole Wray (x2)]

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