Rockin' And Rollin' Testo

Testo Rockin' And Rollin'

[J.D.] Lets rock and roll baby [Cam'Ron] Killa Cam [J.D.] Yea [Cam'Ron] So So Def [J.D.] Y'all know [Cam'Ron] Untertainment [J.D.] Y'all know [Cam'Ron] I'm here now [J.D.] Come on Ey yo you wonder who I are I guzzle up at the bar But you see me in the car that start with the double R Range Rover, Rolls Royce even got a Rocky Rolly See more ice than a hockey goalie Baby eating guacamolie I did without Now I live it out Cars got to whip it out Every year I get it out Why I be long gone Where maybe Hong Kong Girls with their thong on I'm playing Don Juan Drinking Char Don Where the trauma You smoke weed what you think girl uh huh Start the car up Take her on a long ride Yo she think my steering wheel on the wrong side No I'm sorry This is the Ferrari Lemon like Bacardi Rock with safari But la de la de We like to party And every night believe we going to leave with somebody [CHORUS] We be rockin' and rollin' Now we rollin' and smokin' On the phone and we chokin' While you strollin' and hopin' For the tone which you spoke in And I know that you're open Pour some Branson lie and a brand new five Hot man, God damn, Killa Cam we be live Ey yo come on girlfriend I ain't no act of willy So when you around here don't be acting silly Ask her did he Come on I got teh baddest biddies Ass is pretty Like hoes down in Magic City Now you smoke hoes and the coco Niggas say I'm loco Cause I'm low low from the puffo Every night I stroke hoes No no for homos F doing promos I was Def already I just added to So So Wherever we at Ready to act Better be strapped I live the life around me Whoever is telling me that And when it come to the cash Bet I'm heavy with that If your man want to bet Bet he be cracked And your little girlfriend She was wet off the bat >From the Chevy tonight Yo i'll bet she be back For the one night stand Yea the sex in the sack Yo I ask her if she miss it Then I tell her to kiss it Come on [CHORUS] Ey yo your girl around me thats like sand to a beach Or a gram to a K Or a branch to a tree Your money Thats my advance to cheat And you'll see me and Lance to the V Yea acting wild Jimmy back me child How long you think an ounce gonna last me now But I love when hoes call me The cats meow Cause I run up in them and I make their cat meow Are you hip to the dive How we get to teh thighs Half of my game yo that shit be a lie But it's true about Duke from the hoop to the five And I'm right behind him in a coup that we drive Baby am i slick Oh your friends are sick To see me and my chicks in DKNY kicks And my clique We get the dank and bounce And put another half a mil in my bank account [CHORUS] [J.D.] Untertainment So So Def Collabo You know Yea

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