Shake (feat. JR Writer) Testo

Testo Shake (feat. JR Writer)

Killa! Jones! Freaky! Santana! Come on! Shake, shake, shake (uh!) Shake, shake, shake (Uh!) Shake, shake, shake (uh!) [Verse 1 - Cam'Ron] Yo, who wanna mess with me, or come mess with me Be a mess to clean, call me Mr. Clean The way I glitz and gleam, trigger team Click the Beam, hit the fiend (?) on me Lookin like I'm nicotine But it's all for the green like Listerine Had to diss the queen thinkin I'm gon' get her jeans I ain't Ginuwine, ma, my mission's mean All my nigga team fix the fix get the cream I sit in Bahamas, with Alyssa Milano Got the Crist' and the ghanga and its gettin un-karma Comma, now she cryin she missin her mama Just a steppin stone for me now I'm hittin Madonna And she twistin the fauna as we sit in the sauna Guess it's just my persona, got her kissin my condom [Chorus] We're the Dip, so cut the shit Ma twist your hips and lick your lips We're the Dip, so cut the shit Ma twist your hips and lick your lips [Bridge - Cam'Ron] Ma you straight frontin', let's get the date jumpin See your booty panties, ma shake something Shake something, shake something Shake-shake, shake shake something [Verse 2 - Cam'Ron] And I got some girls, bout five or six And a five and six, about five or six I surprise the chick, that's when her eyes get lit Let her drive the whip, see if she ride a stick Who as live as this? My pool size is sick (sick) But swim in my pants and dive for dick They call me Moby, my pos-i-tive Tell them free Willy if your thigs are thick And your ass if fat and your head is right And your dough is good, we can smash tonight Right here in the car, ma, at the light If you ask for cash, oh I'm mad for life Kiss ass, you dyke, and I'm fast to fight If you get mad, (??) grab a bite (what?) Or I stab it light and we'll grab a bite Is it crab you like? Lobster appetite [Chorus] [Bridge] [Verse 3 - JR Writer] In front of the club, drops, coups and trucks I'ma front in the club with a hundreds of studs A gun and some bud through the metal detector The metal detect ya, settle and wet 'cha I don't mettle with extra, you fakes and clowns I walk in and get out of the club safe and sound Silencer, dog, how safe it sound? I got apes and hounds, he just pace around And I'll lace you down, but I'm lookin for A Manahttan ho or a Brooklyn whore A Bronx biatch that'll let me look and explore Up front but beat around the bush for sure 'Til the tush is sore, hit it doggy style Get it doggy style, you know you doin your style I'ma mack or more and it's smash or more A VIP up between the bathroom stalls [Chorus] [Bridge]

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