Sports, Drugs & Entertainment Testo

Testo Sports, Drugs & Entertainment

[Jay-Z] uh huh, yeah [Cam'Ron] This goes to all my hustlers, entertainers And of course, athletes in the struggle [Verse 1] Yo, yo yo yo yo Some get a little and some get none Shit, I was part of the some get none The ball, run for run, play the slums for crumbs Wired, real tired, till my lungs are done After all, I was nice in ball, But I came to practice weed scented Report card like the speed limit 55-55 expellable If your nice they make sure that you eligible Pretty final, '92 played the city finals Pretty swift, real mvp, and 55th I can hoop, yo All-American in my age group, yo Raised bad settled for a ju. co. (junior college) Uh, but why they let a thug on campus All i did was rob and mug on campus Sliced, rolled dice, got shiest on campus At the toast got bad, payed the price on campus Forgot about ball, I was done dude Now I'm in county in an orange jumpsuit, middle of Texas Call moms, she dont want the phone act She dont condone it, Cam dont come home, shit [Chorus 4X: Notorious B.I.G.] Cause the streets is a short stop Either you slangin' crack-rock or you got a wicked jump shot [Verse 2] Yo, yo, ayo Comin back home, I thought it'd be cool But everbody like, Cam, "Yo, i thought you in school" Nah, im about to go back, huh, they know that im lyin' See me on broadway, know what im buyin' Niggas gettin' money, know what i'm eye'n Shiesty again, no where without iron Seems like my school life self destroyed Fuck gettin' a job, BIG self employed Slugs pop, drug spot, runnin' the thing Played ball on the weekend, 300 a game Till one of the workers pulled a small case Mouth runnin' like a dog race, tryin' to get us all laced I was slangin, but wasnt a kingpin A slow case n', verdict probation Tryed to fuck my P.O., she ignored that Said, "Know what Cam your found with more crack" See what happen', stopped the crackin' Start rappin', quit the clappin' [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yo, yo, as a young nigga, always into crime But no matter what, yo, always used to rhyme So in that i became more curious Fuck bein' up north delirious, more serious Uh, so Killa did mixtapes CEO's heard, now here come big cake But one cat said Cam you better recoup Before you back on your block, baby, dead on the stoop But Un hooked me up with all this cheddar and loot The best rap deal of all time next to Snoop Money more the clutch, money more the touch I dont just rhyme I own liquor stores and such, but yeah Yo, the rap game remind me of the crack game Niggas wanna get they gun, then start the clap game, for dat fame Throwa Untertainment Sport, Drugs, Entertainment Till the arrainment, Killa [Chorus] [Cam'Ron] That's how it go on my block Mad props, let off mad shots All my peoples out there tryin' it Dis a problem for they environment, killa Sports, Drugs, Entertainment Till the arraignment

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