Stop Calling (feat. Freaky Zeekey, McGruff) Testo

Testo Stop Calling (feat. Freaky Zeekey, McGruff)

(Yo, pass me that phone) [Cam:] Hello? [Guy:] Yo, yo, can I speak to Cam? [Cam:] Fuck is this B? State ya name [Guy:] Yo, yo, hello yo, you don't know me O nothing like that, though dog But Yaknawhamsayin'? I keep it gully though Ad shit like that though dog But I'm tryin', KnawhaImean? [Cam:] Hold up, hold up, hold up calm down man. You keep it gully and all this? What's going on what's your name fam? [Guy:] Doggie, doggie, you don't know me doggie. Nggaz, niggaz just stay the fuck from my girl and shit You know what I'm sayin? My nigga gutter told me and shit dog I'm tryin' find out, though wat's poppin' and shit man, word up Y'all niggaz fuck with my girl yall niggaz better tell me Tell me or something B, word up [Cam:] Tell Mya, and tell you? Calm, you're not even talking right dog I mean who's your girl? [Guy:] Yo doggie, yo doggie you playin' games? You playin' games doggie? When I catch you doggie, it ain't gonna be so fucking funny doggie Y'all niggaz think it's all sweet, right? You running around fucking niggaz girls like that shit's to do you think that shit's to do? That shit ain't gully doggie I'ma catch you, word up [screaming, phone clicks] [Cam:] Niggaz is fucking crazy [guy talks over beat] [Cam'ron] Well, I'ma tell you straight up, homeboy cause it's a cold world Your wife, I call her "Oh girl" her head makes my toes curl And she awfully thick, help me get off these bricks Coffee kick, but after I bust, I be like "Get the fuck off me bitch" If she front, bruise her in the ribs But you hugged her, you loved her, moved her in the crib Hit by cupid, stupid, why'd you do it? Why be bother? Why you holla? Three babies, three baby fathers Get wise kid, open your eyelids, cause that last abortion? That was my kid, that's right, but that I ain't followin' If she get pregnant again, it'd be from swallowin' But once in a while I dive in it, that car you bought? I be drivin' it, head while I'm drivin it Said you like to lay up dog, and play footies But she need a nigga with timbs, gats and straight hoodies [Guy] I got timbs, dog [Cam'ron] Well..she said you gotta get drunk, and I could fuck her better sober You get 20 grams, and think you fucking Erick Sosa Better choke her, she the female Bill Clinton Lie, Cheat and Smoke, you got her still sittin' Then she bouncin' in, so you wanna pounce her in She gas you up, "I love you, I swear to God we'll go to counseling" I ain't cherish ya cutie, inherit the booty Havin' her want to kill you like American Beauty Killa Cause you a motherfucking rest haven I Put a gun to her head, paint a picture like Wes Craven Ya chest achin', cause I'm very blunt, ya stunt, wanna cherry pump Any extra kid, an extra check every month She givin' Jimmy head, Jeulz in her guts Dog, you feel in love wit a slut, What [Chorus] [Guy:] Aiyyo, what's up with my girl that's my world? [Cam:] She a slut ho [Guy:] That's my life, that's my wife I love her [Cam:] Uh-oh, oh no, oh God [Guy:] Aiyyo, what's up with my girl that's my world [Cam:] She a slut ho [Guy:] That's my live, that's my wife, I love her [Cam:] Uh-oh, Oh no, Oh God, she a slut, she a freak [Cam talking] Aiyoo, you gonna call back right? Matter fact I ain't even do ya bitch dirty, for real I'ma let you holla at my man Gruff, he did her dirty for real Yo, Gruff, tell us more about his fucking ho [McGruff] Aiyoo, me and Cam caught her, on camcorder Dogged her, kicked her out the O Tell you about ya ho, she's a bitch Came right between her lips You thinking I'm frontin', she got a birth mark between her tits And money, please stop calling niggaz phones harassin' She come home, don't wanna fuck, we boned her back in You's a creep, and all do is use your freak And when we done, we send her home for you to keep You want beef? Punk faggot, we got stupid heat Aiyoo, you acting like you gonna die over pussy I ain't gonna front, I was hazed up, high in the pussy Yo, she greet me on GP, you buyin' the pussy Breathin hard on the other line, diein' to push me Crime crime, sip fine wine, puff lime, lime Laughing at the bitch on Primetime Me and Killa for reala, all of the sudden you wanna be a Gorilla Nigga please, I'm quick to put three in a nigga You ain't nothing but a sucka for love She got you thinking it's love Hit her on the sink or in the tub A little head crack, while a nigga drinkin' a bub You be surprised what ya bitch could do She did shit to us, she never did to you That ho mad psychical, cheesy bitch [Freaky Zeekey Talking] Yo, give me the motherfucking phone nigga This stupid ass nigga coming around here Dailing my number, how the fuck he get the... Listen nigga, ya BITCH ain't shit anyway Her pussy no quality, and how the fuck you gonna take This motherfucking ho to the Hotel? She ain't nothin' but backseat, backshots You talking about "Oh I wanna soak ya feet baby I had a long day, I wanna make you feel right" She just got finished soaking my dick in her mouth nigga You put time in this ho, "Oh let me take her out Benihama's Oh let me get some Lotion and ??" Motherfucker, I don't even know ya ho She fucked me off my man deal Fuck is wrong with you nigga? You runnin' around tryin get her some shit I left my dick in this bitch All my niggaz got ya ho, you taking 'bout She tellin' me, you talkin' about "It just slide right in right now" You know why? Because big dicks up in her nigga Fuck you think? It just ease in for you And yo' bitch ain't shit, nigga I done brought her to my house, fucked her "Oh, put it in my ass, no, no, no, no not ya dick, ya whole fist" I turned around, my pop's dick in her mouth What's goin' on with this bitch?

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